Episode #99 – Tutorials in Self Isolation

As a result of the enduring Covid-19 pandemic, the ticking of the clock no longer seems actual in any remote sense. We have collectively entered recursive time loops, fractals and spirals where the measurements of time; seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, etc. are little more than an afterthought. An intersection of present and futureContinue reading “Episode #99 – Tutorials in Self Isolation”

Notes on “Blues in Lewis’ Flat (Remixed)”

“Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music.” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Jerry Lewis makes his own sense, and by proxy, as do his films. His early, self-directed films (“The Bellboy”, “The Ladies Man”, “The Errand Boy”) are merely variations on recurring physical arrangements. These are comedies which excavate the divisions between socio-economic space andContinue reading “Notes on “Blues in Lewis’ Flat (Remixed)””