Notes on “An Accumulation of Erotic Exercise”

As the relentless fusillades of what historian, Daniel J. Boorstin termed the “pseudo-event” of contemporary political life in the United States persist, Don Siegel’s 1964 adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s short story, “The Killers” expresses a fleeting yet punctuated gesture that proposes a speculative node, or unlock’s a hyperstitional possibility where former U.S. president, Ronald ReaganContinue reading “Notes on “An Accumulation of Erotic Exercise””

Call for Entries: “The Resonances of Horror”

The Film Jive podcast is currently seeking audio submissions to be included in its upcoming “The Resonances of Horror” episode which explores the concepts (or genres) of the weird and horror in cinema, music, literature, philosophy and contemporary everyday life (capitalism, healthcare, advertising, state violence, etc.) in anticipation of Halloween.  The intention is to realizeContinue reading “Call for Entries: “The Resonances of Horror””