Episode #94 – Eugenie de Sade

Originally published in June of 2016, Zach Betonte, Andrew Swope and Simone Barros discuss Jesus Franco’s erotic thriller, “Eugenie de Sade” originally released in 1973. The discussion contemplates Franco’s nostalgic re-appropriation of popular culture and how this implies meta-textual elements and question the film’s complicated depiction of feminine sexuality… To send feedback, please email contact@filmjivepodcast.com.

Episode #92 – The Little Prince

Originally published in March of 2016, Zach Betonte, Andrew Swope and Simone Barros discuss Stanley Donen’s Lerner and Loewe musical “The Little Prince” adapted from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella of the same name and originally released in 1974. The discussion addresses how the film addresses the text’s existential themes, excavates its influence on future American musical forms, andContinue reading “Episode #92 – The Little Prince”

Episode #91 – The Tall Man

Originally published November of 2015, Zach Betonte and Gary Sargenson discuss Pascal Laugier’s sociological horror thriller, “The Tall Man” originally released in 2012. The conversation inquires about the nature of the film’s unexpected social commentary, its anachronistic use of filmic space, and how it attempts to subvert conventional horror genre tropes.

Episode #90 – Buffalo ’66

Originally published September of 2015, Zach Betonte and Gary Sargenson discuss one of the definitive independent films of the 1990’s, “Buffalo ‘66” directed by Vincent Gallo and originally released in 1998. The conversation elaborates on the intense portrayal of a man-child, Gallo’s command of varying cinematic styles, and the film’s more impressionistic approach to storytelling. To send feedback,Continue reading “Episode #90 – Buffalo ’66”

Episode #89 – Murder Rock

Originally published in May of 2015, Zach Betonte and Andrew Swope discuss Lucio Fulci’s spandex slasher film, “Murder Rock” originally released in 1984. The discussion elaborates on Fulci’s relationship to 1980’s American popular culture, the irrational character motivations, and how Fulci’s production restrictions enhance the formal atmosphere of his films.

Episode #88 – Two English Girls

Originally published in February of 2015, Zach Betonte and Gary Sargenson discuss François Truffaut’s coming of age drama, “Two English Girls”. The discussion details the film’s portrayal of unrequited love, it’s continuity with Truffaut’s earlier film, “Jules and Jim” and how Truffaut may be the most conservative conspirator of the French Nouvelle Vague.