Episode #97 – Synecdoche, New York

Originally published in August of 2016, Zach Betonte and Simone Barros are joined by Jim Laczkowski, host of the Director’s Club and Voices and Visions podcasts to discuss Charlie Kaufman’s “Synecdoche, New York” originally released in 2008. The discussion considers Kaufman’s use of filmic space and architecture, the emotional effect of viewing a character’s ongoing crisis ofContinue reading “Episode #97 – Synecdoche, New York”

Episode #65 – Surviving Edged Weapons

Originally published in March of 2014, Zach Betonte and Andrew Swope are joined by Patrick Ripoll of Director’s Club and Tracks of the Damned to discuss the 1988 police training film, “Surviving Edged Weapons: How to Defeat Today’s Fastest Growing Threat (Intended for Law Enforcement Only)”. Beware the blade…