Film Jive Special – Chris Vander Kaay Interview

Originally published in November of 2014, Zach Betonte is joined by Chris Vander Kaay, screenwriter and co-author of the horror film interview book, “The Anatomy Of Fear: Conversations With Cult Horror & Science-Fiction Filmmakers”. In this brief conversation, Chris shares insight into the writing process, his collaboration with co-author, Kathleen Fernandez-Vander Kaay, and his upcoming film-related publications.

Film Jive Special – Soundtrack of Terror Vol. 1

Originally published in October of 2014, to celebrate the occasion of Halloween, Zachary Betonte and Andrew Swope welcome twenty film podcast co-hosts, bloggers, and authors to share their favorite horror movie music. The guests include; Amy Andrews, Ashley Avard, Regina Barry, David Cummings, Jay Of The Dead, Jessica Elgenstierna, James Gillham, Marshall Hicks, Andrew James,Continue reading “Film Jive Special – Soundtrack of Terror Vol. 1”