Originally beginning in the spring of 2011, Film Jive was a bi-weekly film review podcast hosted by online colleagues from opposite shores of the Atlantic ocean, Zach Betonte and Nick Wheatley. The podcast’s initial structure was conventional of its time; reviewing newly released commercial films every two weeks with additional “What We Watched” and “Listener Feedback” segments. After Nick Wheatley’s departure as a regular host in the summer of 2013, Andrew Swope, Courtney Young, Gary Sargenson and Simone Barros became on-going contributors to the podcast as it transitioned from mainstream film reviews to more long-form conversations on under-appreciated cinema of the past which finds itself “outside” the canon. Through these series of discussions with contributing guests, Film Jive attempted to speculate on the disparate connectivities between art and exploitation cinemas. This period of the podcast is now described as “Phase I” and concluded with Episode #98.

Beginning in 2020, “Phase II” adopts an informal, autodidactic approach in considering the interdisciplinary aspects of cinema, and more specifically, its relation to philosophy, literature, music, and politics. Through this path of inquiry, the podcast attempts to generate discussions and sonic ecologies which imagine new forms of cinema and continue to locate linkages between seemingly disparate threads of cinematic thinking.

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