Notes on “An Accumulation of Erotic Exercise”

Still from “An Accumulation of Erotic Exercise”.

As the relentless fusillades of what historian, Daniel J. Boorstin termed the “pseudo-event” of contemporary political life in the United States persist, Don Siegel’s 1964 adaptation of Ernest Hemingway’s short story, “The Killers” expresses a fleeting yet punctuated gesture that proposes a speculative node, or unlock’s a hyperstitional possibility where former U.S. president, Ronald Reagan never becomes the 40th U.S. president at all. Instead, Reagan is ruptured from his historical momentum and entrapped within a recursive coil of perpetual shame…

Published by Zachary Betonte

Zachary Betonte is a moving image artist and writer from Cleveland, OH, whose films are concerned with discovering new forms of cinematic thinking by means of the loop, repetition, and impulses facilitated by montage technique. His work has previously screened at the Akron Museum of Art and Cleveland Museum of Art. He currently resides and works in Durham, North Carolina.

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