Call for Entries: “The Resonances of Horror”

“The Triumph of Death”, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, c. 1562

The Film Jive podcast is currently seeking audio submissions to be included in its upcoming “The Resonances of Horror” episode which explores the concepts (or genres) of the weird and horror in cinema, music, literature, philosophy and contemporary everyday life (capitalism, healthcare, advertising, state violence, etc.) in anticipation of Halloween. 

The intention is to realize a collectively produced vacillating soundscape composed of disparate threads; original music or covers, field recordings, poetic recitations, fireside readings of horror fiction and theory, nightmare diaries, manipulated found audio materials, sound collages and primarily audio introductions* to an individual piece of horror film score / soundtrack music. We have previously produced (2) “Soundtrack of Terror” episodes which can be heard here and here and a sonic collage episode here.

*If submitting an audio commentary, as a contributor, the instructions are simply to record a brief, 2 – 8 minute commentary which introduces yourself, your affiliated project(s), the piece of music in question and elaborates on its aesthetic / theoretical merits, historical significance, or insignificance, and / or how it is utilized within the film itself. Also, if compelled, feel free to manipulate or remix the piece and discuss this process in the introduction. Creativity in all potential submissions is encouraged.

We will be accepting submissions until October 23rd, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST, with the publication of the episode occurring on October 25th, 2020. All submissions will be accepted and should be delivered in .Wav audio format accompanied with text and / or audio description which includes mention of the contributor’s name and affiliated project(s) (i.e. podcast, website, blog, organization, publications, etc.). All works will be cited.

*If submitting an audio commentary / introduction accompanying a piece of music, please keep the commentary and the music track(s) separate.

To submit an audio piece or inquire further, please write to

Published by Zachary Betonte

Zachary Betonte is a moving image artist currently working in Durham, North Carolina.

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