Call for Entries: “Tutorials in Self-Isolation”

The Film Jive podcast is currently seeking audio submissions to be included in its upcoming “Tutorials In Self-Isolation” episode. The COVID-19 pandemic is the most significant global crisis in recent years. All the countries of our planet have been affected and the consequences have been devastating. The intention of the episode is to collectively produce a bricolage, or vacillating sonic collages composed of field recordings, original music, diaristic and poetic recitations, fireside readings, dramatic, philosophical and political monologues, dream journals, and found audio materials (cinema, radio, television, etc.) which convey the temporality of quarantine, the individual experiences of self-isolation, and speculate on new media’s evolving social orientation in the coronavirus landscape.

The call for audio submissions will close on July 4, 2020 at 11:59PM PST with the episode publishing on July 6, 2020. All submissions will be accepted and should be delivered in .wav audio format with a text description which includes mention of the contributor’s affiliated project(s) (i.e. podcast, website, blog, organization, etc.). All works will be cited.

While we cannot afford to compensate each contributor, with each submission received, Film Jive will donate funds to the Official Rosebud Sioux Tribe COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund, and the COVID Bail Out NYC. Each contributor will receive documentation of the donation transaction(s) upon publication of the episode.

To submit an audio piece or inquire further, please write to

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