Film Jive Special – Soundtrack of Terror Vol. II

From “Fright Night”, 1985 and “The Horror of Party Beach”, 1965.

Originally published in October of 2016, this Hallow’s Eve, the Film Jive tomb is re-opened with another creaking cacophony of murderous disharmony and echoes of the fantastique with the “Soundtrack of Terror Vol. II”. Film Jive contributors Simone Barros, Zach Betonte and Andrew Swope welcome fellow trick or treaters; Bill Ackerman, Regina Barry, Philip Brubaker, Rooney Elmi, Veronica FitzpatrickKurtiss Hare, Lee Howard, Dr. Russ Hunter, Jim Laczkowski, Michelle Clifford, Alison Lang, Jasper LeeC.J. Lines, Michael Mackenzie, Patrick Ripoll, Fanta Sylla, Tenebrous Kate, and Patrick K. Walsh to assemble a revolving playlist of blood-stained sounds that will leave your ears in a severed state. So audiophiles, sit back (but remain upright) and allow the most horrific sounds of cinema to disquiet your nerves. Happy Halloween!

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Published by Zachary Betonte

Zachary Betonte is a moving image artist currently working in Durham, North Carolina.

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